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Scientific Review. Pedagogy science
ISSN 2500-3402
ПИ №ФС77-57475

Science Journal «Scientific Review. Pedagogical science»

Since 2014, the publication of the journal has been resumed by the Academy of Natural Sciences.

The publication is registered with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Media.
Certificate of registration ПИ ФС77-57475

All issues of the journal are placed in the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU and are indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index RSCI

The journal "Scientific Review. Pedagogical Sciences" publishes scientific articles in the following areas:


  • 13.00.01 General pedagogy, the history of pedagogy and education
  • 13.00.02 Theory and methodology of training and education (by fields and levels of education)
  • 13.00.03 Corrective pedagogy (surdopedagogy and tiflopedagogy, oligophenopedagogy and logopedia)
  • 13.00.04 Theory and methodology of physical education, sports training, health and adaptive physical culture
  • 13.00.05 Theory, methodology and organization of social and cultural activities
  • 13.00.08 Theory and methodology of vocational education


  • 19.00.01 General psychology, personality psychology, the history of psychology
  • 19.00.02 Psychophysiology
  • 19.00.03 Labor psychology, engineering psychology, ergonomics
  • 19.00.04 Medical psychology
  • 19.00.05 Social psychology
  • 19.00.06 Legal psychology
  • 19.00.07 Pedagogical psychology
  • 19.00.10 Correctional psychology
  • 19.00.12 Political psychology
  • 19.00.13 Developmental Psychology, Acmeology


  • 10.02.01 Russian
  • 10.02.02 Languages of the people of the Russian Federation
  • 10.02.03 Slavic languages
  • 10.02.04 German languages
  • 10.02.19 Theory of language
  • 10.02.20 Comparative, historical, typological and comparative linguistics
  • 10.02.21 Applied and mathematical linguistics
  • 10.02.22 Languages of peoples of foreign countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Aboriginal America and Australia

All publications are reviewed. Access to the journal is free.

ISSN: 2500-3402

The magazine collaborates with international scientific organizations International DOI Foundation IDF (International DOI Foundation) and Publishers International Linking Association PILA (International Association of Publishers of Scientific Literature), together with which it participates in the development of the international CrossRef project.

Editor in Chief - Stukova N.Yu., Candidate of Medical Sciences

Contact Information

Founder, edition and publisher - SPC Academy of Natural History

Phone: +7 (499) 705-72-30


Correspondence address: 101000, Moscow, PO Box 47, Academy of Natural Sciences